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About Us

We believe Avantrek makes lives better.
Our research has set out to prove e-bike cycling benefits your social, emotional, physical, and environmental health.
With Avantrek, people build up their bodies and enjoy the happiness of an outdoor cycling journey with family and friends. 
With Avantrek, people can better deal with tough road segments in various conditions and better protect themselves from sports injuries. 
With Avantrek, people save money and energy compared with driving a car or taking public transport.

We promise Avantrek is your best choice.
Avantrek is committed to creating the best riding experience to every cycling enthusiast.
We pride ourselves in our attention to every detail because we firmly believe even the smallest ones can have the most wide-reaching impact.
With an aim to provide people with the most cutting-edge products designed for their benefit, we insist on creating, developing, and innovating.

As a pioneer in the industry, Avantrek was founded by a group of enthusiastic riders and entrepreneurs—that fact has guided our every decision.
Aiming to redefine the e-bike industry, we are passionate about everything we do, striving to create products that can make the world better.
No matter if you move far or stay close. go fast or slow. From the brilliant sights you had, the cracking coffee place you found, or the average speed that makes you proud. Avantrek desires to best accompany you.
Take your avantrek with you on your next adventure. See the craziest, interesting, and inspiring stories by people - like YOU.